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On this week's UMES 30, show host Dr. Joshua K. Wright talks with Sean Gregory, senior sports writer for TIME Magazine.

Gregory has been a staff writer for TIME covering sports since 2002 and has written about everything from the Detroit Pistons’ run to the NBA championship to new marketing efforts in the golf and tennis industries and the rebuilding of Iraq’s Olympic team. His column appears on TIME.com every Friday.


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Throughout his life, Dexter Manley has had his share of demons, doggedly trying to outrun them while running down opposing , quarterbacks as a member of the Washington Redskins football team for several years during the 1980's.

Nicknamed the "Secretary of Defense", Manley was a two-time Super Bowl champion.

UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright talks with Manley about his football career, past drug addiction, recovery, and his life as a former player for the Washington Redskins.


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The athletic shoe industry has helped to shape mainstream culture around the world for decades. How did sneakers grow from just something athletes wore while they were on the court or the field, to multi-billion dollar brand recognition in fashion and hip-hop culture?

UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright speaks with Gene Smith and Drew Greer--two men who have been involved with sneaker branding and storytelling for more than ten years.



UMES 30 host Dr. Joshua K. Wright speaks with one of the legends of Georgetown Basketball, Gene Smith. (ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 3/17/2019) 

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In 1950, Earl Lloyd (1928 - 2015) became the first African American to play in the NBA, paving the way for the game of basketball to be integrated on the professional level.

He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2003.

On this episode of UMES 30, show host Dr. Joshua K. Wright interviews Lloyd's son, Kevin Lloyd, looking back on his father's accomplishments and legacy in the world of professional sports.

(ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 2/10/2019)