national folk festival

This year, the 79th National Folk Festival continues its residency in Salisbury, Maryland.

Since it was first presented in St. Louis in 1934, the National Folk Festival has celebrated the roots, richness, and variety of American culture. The Festival was the first event of national stature to present the arts of many nations, races, and languages on equal footing. It was also the first to present to the public musical forms such as the blues, Cajun music, polka bands, Tex-Mex, Peking Opera, and many others.


Sep 6, 2019

Motorists Urged to Keep Extra Vigilant for Pedestrians and Allow for Extra Commuting Time


Here is a schedule of the live broadcasts from the PRMC Stage at the 79th National Folk Festival in Salisbury, Maryland. You can listen on WESM 91.3FM. While not broadcasting live, the station will resume its regular schedule.

SALISBURY, Md. – Mayor Jake Day, National Folk Festival Local Manager Caroline O’Hare, and the National Council for the Traditional Arts are excited to announce that attendance estimates have been tallied, and the National Folk Festival in Salisbury, Maryland drew approximately 63,000 attendees in its inaugural year.

“It’s an unequivocal success,” said Mayor Jake Day. “We expected to draw record crowds Downtown over the course of the weekend, and we did. The fact that there were so many attendees in spite of all that rain just makes it even more impressive.”