Music Gives Meaning

May 7, 2020

It’s been difficult not to be glued to the news 24/7 during this time. It is not only essential for your safety, it’s an attempt to make sense of a chaotic time.


But as a listener to WESM, you know music has vital importance as well. It gives meaning and emotion to this historic time. It reminds us that though we are apart, we are still members of a larger community looking to music to help.


On this edition of UMES 30, Brian Daniels (Afternoon Jazz) speaks with multi-reed instrumentalist Will Boyd about his new album Freedom, Soul, Jazz and how it ties into African American history--especially the civil rights movement in the United States. 


This year, the 79th National Folk Festival continues its residency in Salisbury, Maryland.

Since it was first presented in St. Louis in 1934, the National Folk Festival has celebrated the roots, richness, and variety of American culture. The Festival was the first event of national stature to present the arts of many nations, races, and languages on equal footing. It was also the first to present to the public musical forms such as the blues, Cajun music, polka bands, Tex-Mex, Peking Opera, and many others.

Here is a schedule of the live broadcasts from the PRMC Stage at the 79th National Folk Festival in Salisbury, Maryland. You can listen on WESM 91.3FM. While not broadcasting live, the station will resume its regular schedule.


In 1984, John R. Lamkin II recorded and released a self-produced album on vinyl called ‘Hot’.

That album, with the exception of one track, contains his own original compositions and arrangements.

Lamkin later joined the faculty at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore as a professor in the Fine Arts Department.

While there, he directed the UMES Jazz and Wind Ensembles, taught jazz history, and provided instruction to students learning to play brass, percussion and string instruments.