WASHINGTON (AP) – Public television stations and National Public Radio would lose 25 percent of their federal funding next year under a bill cleared by a House committee Thursday night, although some of their funding for future years would be restored.


The moves came as the House Appropriations panel approved a tightly drawn spending bill for labor, health and education programs. For the first time since the early days of GOP control of Congress 10 years ago, the measure, taken as a whole, makes actual cuts to the programs funded by the bill.

NEWARK, NJ – Yesterday she coached her younger son Issac, 5, on the best way to display the African-American flag as they watched police officers pass along the parade route. "Wave it proudly honey, proudly," Whiteneck said.

The 39th annual African-American Statewide Heritage Parade and Festival was held yesterday as tens of thousands packed the streets of Newark to celebrate the culture and accomplishments of black Americans.