Presidential candidates polar opposites on climate change

Oct 24, 2016

 Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could not disagree more on climate change. Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, sees it as a real threat while Trump, the Republican, dismisses it as a hoax.

And because climate change can lead to rising sea level, among other things, their views on the subject are important to those who live and work on the Chesapeake Bay.

Bringing up baby oysters in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Oct 11, 2016
John Lee / WYPR

LISTEN (Bringing up baby oysters in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor)

Oysters are nature’s filtration machines, and there used to be enough of them in the Chesapeake Bay to filter and clean all that water in three days. Now, there are so few oysters it takes more than a year.

Without the she crab, there'd be no he crab

Oct 3, 2016
Pamela D'Angelo

The Atlantic blue crab, Chesapeake Bay’s signature crustacean, has been through tough times in the last 20 years. Some recent improvement has been credited to restrictions on harvesting females. Yet Virginia still allows the harvest of egg-bearing females, something Maryland banned back in 1917. The reasons why seem to be wrapped up in economics.

The invasion of the blue catfish

Sep 20, 2016
Joel McCord

A few years ago, scientists began worrying that blue catfish, the much larger cousins of those squirmy, yellowish bottom feeders, might take over in Chesapeake Bay. They’re big—better than 100 pounds in some cases--voracious eaters and they’re prolific. So, at least one seafood wholesaler appropriated a slogan applied to other invasive fish--eat ‘em to beat ‘em—and began aggressively marketing them. And local watermen have found a new market and seemingly endless supply. 


OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — If you're heading to Ocean City this weekend, consider getting your Greek on.

The Ocean City Greek Festival begins Friday and runs through Sunday at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center.

The city's tourism bureau website says the event run by the St. George Greek Orthodox Church is the area's largest Greek festival.

The schedule includes music, dancing, a marketplace and, of course, food, available for dining in or carryout.