WESM-FM intends to 'cut to the chase' this week

May 23, 2016

Our Spring Pledge Drive is underway this week! WESM-FM is on a mission to change the way you hear the world. It's made possible through the generous financial support from listeners like you.

This time around, our aim is to keep the program interruptions as brief as possible. We want you to enjoy the programs we offer to the fullest! But to do that, we need everyone to support this public radio station! The more pledges we receive, the less we have to interrupt programming.

When you call 1-866-651-8001 or access our online pledge form to make your financial  gift to WESM, you help make possible the programs you love and enjoy every day:

  • BBC World Service
  • Jazz 24 (our overnight music service)
  • Morning Edition (NPR News)
  • Afternoon Jazz (with Angel Resto Jr., Brian Daniels, and Molly)
  • On Point (a live weekday morning call-in show featuring the latest news topics from NPR)
  • Evening Jazz Unlimited (with Yancy Carrigan)
  • All Things Considered (NPR News)
  • Latin Jazz (with Luisito Ortiz)
  • Marketplace (PRI)
  • American Routes (a weekly public radio program produced in New Orleans, presenting a broad range of American music)
  • Maryland Morning (from WYPR in Baltimore)

See our Program Schedule for a complete listing of WESM programs.

Become a proud WESM member today! Dial our toll-free number: 1-866-651-8001 or access our online pledge form.

And the great news is you decide how much you'd like to giveWe accept financial gifts in any amount

We would also like to say "thank you" by giving you a coffee mug or tote bag (with our newly-designed logo) when you contribute $50 or more.

Whether you make a single donation or a monthly contribution, your gift is critical to our ability to bring you excellent programming.

WESM 91.3 FM is listener-supported...make your generous gift today!

Remeber--the more pledges we receive, the less we have to interrupt programming. If successful, we hope to use this model of fundraising in the future.

P.S. You can increase your support for this public radio station by donating your unwanted car or boat through our Vehicle Donation Program!