Kent County Homeless May Soon Have More Options

Dover, Del. – Life may soon get a bit easier for some homeless families in Kent County.

The Whatcoat Shelter in Dover is planning to build a more permanent home for those who cannot afford a place of their own.

Right now most shelters on Delmarva have a 30 day limit, so for those who cannot find somewhere to live within a month, they have to move. But soon there will be another option available.

This site at the Whatcoat Shelter will be home to Vera's Haven. The building will house 10 families in apartments. They can live there for up to two years. Organizers say the home would be more than a place to live.

"There's a component of education and training so they can get themselves from the normal $6-7 job to a job where they can really support their family," said Ruth Pugh, shelter director.

For Kimberly Williams and her family, a more permanent home would make a big difference. Williams said her family just learned their housing for next month fell through and they have got to find somewhere else to live.

"If they put that over there, that would help us out a lot until I can get on my feet and get what I need," Williams said.

Pugh said it is hoped that construction will start in the fall. The new building will cost $1.3 million. Half of that amount has been raised so far. Anyone who would like to help out can call the Whatcoat Shelter at (302) 736-0319.