Open Records

WESM 91.3 FM:  Station Transparency & Open Financial Records

WESM 91.3 FM is a service of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  Per Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) rules for FY 2016 Community Service Grant (CSG) recipients, WESM 91.3 FM offers the public an opportunity to better understand our governance, financial accountability, and ongoing goals for diversity.  This information is located below on this page.

You will also find on this page our Equal Employment Opportunity Reports, as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Station Management Contact Information

Gerry Weston
General Manager, WESM 91.3 FM
College Backbone Road
Princess Anne, Maryland 21853
Email:  gdweston@umes.edu
Phone:  410-651-8001

Governance & Open Meetings

The license for WESM 91.3 FM (the Station) is held by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne, Maryland.  Our University is a governed by the University System of Maryland .  The governing body for the University System of Maryland is the Board of Regents.

The Board of Regents meets regularly in open, public meetings, and also approves the budgets for all 12 system institutions, including WESM’s parent institution (UMES), typically in April or May of each year.

A full listing of all USM Board of Regents scheduled open meetings, including dates, times and locations – as well as additional Board information, is located below: 

USM Board of Regents Overview
Board of Regents Members (2019-2021)
Board of Regents Meeting Schedule (FY 2020-2021)
Board of Regents Meeting Agendas (FY 2021)
Board of Regents Minutes (FY 2021)

Diversity Statement

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting  establishes requirements for all Grantees as part of its 2016 Radio Community Service Grant General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria. The following is an outline of the ways in which this station, and its institution (UMES), are complying with these new requirements.

As a part of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a historically black institution, WESM 91.3 FM has traditionally embraced diversity. This has been a goal and element of our institution (and therefore Station it supports) since our founding, and one we continue to promote as part of our audience service component and public media work.

WESM 91.3 FM airs special programming on a periodic basis that addresses issues of concern for diverse audiences, including women and minorities.  This includes (but is not limited to) programming that explores the history and culture of African-Americans, Latin-Americans, and other minority groups. Other topics include socioeconomic challenges in society, religion, ethnic heritage, historical documentaries regarding civil rights, and other issues of importance to diverse communities.

Special programming is includes long-form and some shorter-form programming aired during morning or afternoon newsmagazines (e.g. Morning Edition and All Things Considered). The station also promotes many of these programs on the station website, as well as providing links to the content providers.

The extent of our diversity is also reflected in our workforce. We currently employ full and part-time staff of African-American, Latino and Caucasian backgrounds, including two women. Additionally, our staff incorporates persons of diverse religious, linguistic, generational and cultural backgrounds. Our license institution, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, reflects a similarly diverse workforce.

Station management remains committed to promoting diversity, through continuing broadcasts of special programming (mentioned above) that targets diverse audiences and interests. Our belief is that programming that features diversity of thought and experience can be helpful to our listeners, even when the issues at stake are not obviously major concerns for our geographic region (e.g. border security), or when a minority group does not have major representation in our area. Rather, we believe it’s all the more important to provide opportunities for those voices and points of view to be heard –- as they help to expose our listeners to new and different perspectives.

Finally, as opportunities become available, the Station will continue to provide opportunities for management and staff to interact with diverse students who have an interest in learning more about broadcasting. Over the past several years, the station has maintained its commitment to diversity goals via opportunities for students (i.e. internships, student workers).

The station continues these efforts through interactions with students in the form of one-on-one resume critiquing sessions and career counseling. WESM 91.3 FM believes it is especially important to help the students of a historically black institution to prepare for a broadcast industry that is not often reflective of American diversity as a whole.

Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO):

Below you will find Equal Employment Opportunity reports filed by WESM 91.3 FM, and made accessible to the public, per FCC rules.

2019 EEO Report:  WESM_EEO_PFR_2019

Open Financial Records

WESM 91.3 FM will provide members of the public with the opportunity to view the annual financial reports filed with CPB, annual audited statements filed with CPB, and other related documents.

A copy of our FY 2020 Audited Financial Statement is available below (PDF viewer required): 

WESM-FM FY2020 Financial Statement

A copy of our FY 2020 Annual Financial Report is available below (PDF viewer required): 


In addition, visitors may request the opportunity to review any CPB-related financial documents, with prior appointment, at the main studio location:  

WESM 91.3 FM
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
College Backbone Road
Princess Anne, Maryland 21853

Photocopies may be requested by members of the public at a reasonable cost to be determined by the Station. However, the Station will not disclose nor release any personal, confidential or financial information, other than that mandated by law or other regulations.

Local Content and Services

A copy of our 2020 WESM Local Content and Services Report is available below (PDF viewer required):

2020 WESM-FM Local Contant and ServiceReport