With the attacks at the airport in Kabul where thousands are being evacuated the boots-on-the-ground intervention appears to be coming to an end. But, Salisbury University professor emeritus Michael O'Loughlin expects continuing military intervention abroad by other means.

Campaign video

Many are jumping into the Democratic race for governor next year in Maryland. Mike Rosenbaum is one of them. He is an entrepreneur from Balitmore whose businesses help train and assist in employment in the tech and health care sectors. In addition, he worked as an economist for the Clinton administration. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush talked with him about his candidacy in this extended interview.

Holiday Driving & Safety

Aug 26, 2021
Don Rush

The last surge of holiday driving is coming up soon with Labor Day only weeks away. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush talked with Tom Musick, senior program manager for the National Safety Council, about what drivers should be doing to keep safe on the roads.


President Biden has said he will abide by the August 31st withdrawal deadline for U.S. troops from Afghanistan. But, for many Afghans who have immigrated to the U.S. the takeover by the Taliban has been disheartening.  Mohammad Anwar Hamidi has lived in the United States for some 45 years and says he is disappointed in the American decision.

WOKE HISTORY: Good Trouble

Aug 25, 2021
Eric Haynes

Guests discuss the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement, the 2020 Georg Floyd protests, and offer reflections on the late Rev. C.T. Vivian and Congressman John Lewis.