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LA PLATA, Md. (AP) – Authorities say they found a supply of
weapons and explosive materials at the La Plata home of 23-year-old
Lawrence Fox.
The search was conducted after a search of Fox's car in nearby
Saint Mary's County turned up two handguns and resulted in a
handgun charge against Fox.
Investigators got a warrant to search the home he shares with
his parents and found high-powered rifles, handguns, armor-piercing
bullets, bulletproof vests and manuals on how to build bombs.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The government's annual report on the state of the nation's children has some mixed results.

The good news: The death rate for children between ages 1 and 4 is the lowest ever, young children are more likely to receive their recommended immunizations, and fourth-graders are scoring better in math.

But the bad news is that children are more likely to live in poverty, infants are more likely to be of low birthweight, youth are more likely to commit or be a victim of a violent crime, and reading scores of older children have declined slightly.

WORTON, Md. (AP) – Officials at a YMCA camp in Kent County
say the two boys injured in a lightning strike Tuesday afternoon
appear to be doing better.
The eleven-year-old boys were injured at Camp Tockwogh in
Worton. One boy went into cardiac arrest and the other had minor
injuries. Camp staff used CPR and a defibrillator to save the
unconscious boy.
The boys were flown to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center,
where camp officials say they are talking and doing well.
Information from: The Sun, http://www.baltimoresun.com

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) – Seventy-seven sweltering seniors in
Wilmington are keeping a little cooler this summer, thanks to the
city's fan distribution program.
The mayor's office still has 50 more fans to hand out.
Many seniors say the fans are a blessing because it's too
expensive to cool their homes with air conditioning.
Recipients must be over 62 and prove residency in the city to
qualify for a free fan.
Delmarva Power donated $1,000 to purchase this
year's fans.
Information from: The News Journal,

PIKE CREEK, Del. (AP) – The Christina school board has adopted a
new school boundary plan that doesn't include a controversial
proposal to allow students to attend the high school of their
The proposal was stripped from the boundary plan last night
after several speakers told board members it would break down
neighborhood ties and drive up transportation costs.
The district will still abide by the state's choice system that
allows students to pick the school they want to attend if room

CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) – Prosecutors in Dorchester County are
reviewing the conclusions of the state police investigation into
two deadly shootings by Cambridge police officers.
State's Attorney Michelle Barnes says the findings of the
investigation won't be released to the public until her office
decides whether either of the two officers involved will be
Meanwhile, residents in the neighborhood where the shootings
happened met last night for the first of three rallies this week
calling for solidarity and an end to violence.

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) – Police in Frederick are looking for a
Palmdale, California, man in connection with the apparent abduction
of 19-year-old Delmy Rivera.
Police say the woman was seen Tuesday night on Waverley Drive
being forced into an SUV while screaming and struggling to get
away. Police believe she was abducted by 36-year-old Hugo
Aguilar-Mejia, who also goes by the name William Castro.
Police say Rivera was able to call her relatives a short time
later and told them she was being held by Aguilar-Mejia. She has

BLACKBIRD, Del. (AP) – Governor Ruth Ann Minner has signed two
land preservation bills.
One earmarks $10 million each year for the state's
farmland preservation program. Until now, the amount of annual
funding varied from year-to-year, based on budget conditions. The
funds will come from Delaware's realty transfer tax.
The other bill creates a forestland preservation program that
will begin saving land next year. As with the farmland program,
owners will agree not to develop their property and will be paid
for the development rights.

DOVER, Del. (AP) – Dover police say a Virginia man wanted for
the sexual assault of two young girls has turned himself in.
Police say 46-year-old Terry Johnson turned himself in Tuesday
night after relatives saw his picture on television.
Johnson is charged with rape, second-degree unlawful sexual
contact and endangering the welfare of a child.
Johnson has been wanted since last July.
Police say the alleged sexual assaults occurred while Johnson
was living in Dover and the girls were four and ten years old.

PITTSVILLE, MD – Maryland State Police say 80-year-old Thomas Ratliff was killed Tuesday in a plane crash outside Pittsville. Police say the Salisbury man was flying the homemade plane for the first time. The plane crashed just before 11 Tuesday morning near Whites field, a small grass residential airfield.

Police say witness accounts report that Ratliff cleared the runway and began to climb. They say the plane then experience some type of failure and went down in a cornfield about 100 yards out.


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