With his full-time band, the Flecktones on a 2005 hiatus, the genre-bending virtuoso decided to pursue a long-envisioned African banjo safari.

A young man from Philadelphia, USA is about to revolutionalize Ghanaian Gospel music just as Kirk Franklin did to the Gospel music worldwide. He is known by the name; Steve Kodjo Kelly.

(The Malta Independent Online) Cuban artistes will be arriving in Malta for a live performance on New Year's Eve that promises to be a memorable start to the coming year.

The event will offer two venues in one, with a separate area simultaneously offering specially-selected samples from around the world to dance to until the early hours of the morning.

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) – Authorities say three people were injured in a chemical
explosion this morning at the Perdue Farms poultry processing plant
in Salisbury.
Workers reported the explosion and a partial building collapse
about 5:30 am.
A company spokeswoman says two employees and an independent
driver were injured and were taken to Peninisula Regional Medical Center. Police say
the injuries were very minor.
Wicomico County emergency management personnel and firefighters
say the chemical was sodium chlorite. Fire Department spokesman

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - – Salisbury firefighters say three or four
people have been taken to Peninisula Regional Medical Center following a chemical
explosion this morning at the Perdue Farms plant on Route 50.
Fire department spokesman Steve Dickerson says the explosion happened about 5:30 am while a truck was
unloading sodium chlorite at the plant. The exact cause of the
explosion isn't clear.
Dickerson says the injuries are not serious.
Workers reported a partial building collapse. Some cinder blocks

LEWES, Del. (AP) - – Voters in the Cape Henlopen School District
will decide a tax increase referendum Thursday that would pay for
the installation of central air condition at four elementary
schools and the district's 9th Grade Academy.
The project is expected to cost one-point-five (m) million
The district is seeking a tax rate increase of 20 cents per 100
dollars of assessed property value. Average taxpayers would pay an
additional 48 dollars a year.
The district hopes to finish the project before the hot weather

CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) - – The state is moving to revoke the license
of a Cambridge home for mentally ill young people.
Current and former employees at the Chesapeake Youth Center have
alleged that staff members mistreated young patients. And state
inspectors found that some patients weren't getting proper doses of
medication or being regularly monitored by a doctor.
The center's director is challenging the revocation process, but
a hearing date hasn't been set.
The parents of some former and current patients have also

EASTON, Md. (AP) - – Although the Task Force on Traffic Capacity
Across the Chesapeake Bay wasn't told to come up with an answer,
just to advise a next step, members held their final meeting
last night with little agreement -- even on whether another bay
crossing should be explored.
Some of the 22-member task force, made up mostly of lawmakers
and local officials from the Eastern Shore, say traffic across the
Chesapeake Bay Bridge is so bad another bridge must be planned.
Others cited the long list of problems of the sites considered

MUSIC as an artform, writes Xman Bayo Ojo, serves basically to entertain and educate, some genres of music functioning more effectively than others.

Posted to the Web: Sunday, December 11, 2005 – While there are perennial and noisier ones that serve raw and consolable entertaining needs and actually aid and abet the moral decadence of our people, mis-educating our youngsters into stubborn adherence to self-destructive values.?

Now, local podcasters look to hook listeners

BOULDER -- – Frank Eriksen heard his calling, and he hopes others will hear it, too. Eriksen, a former KBCO disc jockey, recently started his own weekly Internet radio program that broadcasts music by independent Christian artists.

"It's a music ministry," Boulder resident Eriksen, 56, said. "I am helping independent artists get the word out."


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