FREDERICK, Md. (AP) – Police in Frederick are looking for a
Palmdale, California, man in connection with the apparent abduction
of 19-year-old Delmy Rivera.
Police say the woman was seen Tuesday night on Waverley Drive
being forced into an SUV while screaming and struggling to get
away. Police believe she was abducted by 36-year-old Hugo
Aguilar-Mejia, who also goes by the name William Castro.
Police say Rivera was able to call her relatives a short time
later and told them she was being held by Aguilar-Mejia. She has

BLACKBIRD, Del. (AP) – Governor Ruth Ann Minner has signed two
land preservation bills.
One earmarks $10 million each year for the state's
farmland preservation program. Until now, the amount of annual
funding varied from year-to-year, based on budget conditions. The
funds will come from Delaware's realty transfer tax.
The other bill creates a forestland preservation program that
will begin saving land next year. As with the farmland program,
owners will agree not to develop their property and will be paid
for the development rights.

DOVER, Del. (AP) – Dover police say a Virginia man wanted for
the sexual assault of two young girls has turned himself in.
Police say 46-year-old Terry Johnson turned himself in Tuesday
night after relatives saw his picture on television.
Johnson is charged with rape, second-degree unlawful sexual
contact and endangering the welfare of a child.
Johnson has been wanted since last July.
Police say the alleged sexual assaults occurred while Johnson
was living in Dover and the girls were four and ten years old.

PITTSVILLE, MD – Maryland State Police say 80-year-old Thomas Ratliff was killed Tuesday in a plane crash outside Pittsville. Police say the Salisbury man was flying the homemade plane for the first time. The plane crashed just before 11 Tuesday morning near Whites field, a small grass residential airfield.

Police say witness accounts report that Ratliff cleared the runway and began to climb. They say the plane then experience some type of failure and went down in a cornfield about 100 yards out.

Dover, Del. – Life may soon get a bit easier for some homeless families in Kent County.

The Whatcoat Shelter in Dover is planning to build a more permanent home for those who cannot afford a place of their own.

Right now most shelters on Delmarva have a 30 day limit, so for those who cannot find somewhere to live within a month, they have to move. But soon there will be another option available.

CRISFIELD, Md. (AP) – The Crisfield Chamber of Commerce is
predicting record ticket sales for this afternoon's 29th annual J.
Millard Tawes Crab and Clam Bake.
Last year's record of 5,700 tickets was surpassed earlier
this week.
The menu includes steamed crabs, clams and fish -- and plenty of
schmoozing by political officeholders and candidates.
The event is named in honor a former governor and Crisfield
native and is held at Somers Cover Marina. Proceeds benefit local

WASHINGTON (AP) – Oysters aren't the endangered species. It's
oyster fisherman.
That was the message yesterday when oyster growers from around
the country urged members of Congress to keep Atlantic oysters off
the Endangered Species list.
The National Marine Fisheries Service is investigating whether
overfishing, lost habitats and disease have brought the Eastern
oyster to the brink of extinction.
But representatives of the oyster business said while the oyster
population in the Chesapeake Bay is very low, in many other areas

UNDATED (AP) – The infestation of Japanese beetles being seen
across Maryland means booming business for some retailers -- and
misery at gardens, farms and nurseries.
Many growers say the beetle infestation is the worst they have
ever seen. Horticulturists predict the emergence of the pest will
not abate any time within the next few weeks.
Theories as to what caused the infestation range from a long,
rainy summer last year creating just the right conditions to a
long-acting insecticide finally washing away.

UNDATED (AP) – Delaware's junior U.S. Senator Tom Carper says
he's not at all surprised by President Bush's choice of federal
Judge John Roberts to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.
Carper says he is willing to give the nominee the benefit of the
doubt because President Bush reached out for the advice of members
of the Senate from both parties.
And Carper says he looks forward to personal one-one-one
meetings with Roberts and the opportunity to examine his two year
court record as a Circuit Court judge.

DOVER, Del. (AP) – State officials are looking at bringing some
of the state's small businesses together into an organized cluster
that better compete for contracts at Dover Air Force Base.
The Delaware Economic Development Office says it wants to ensure
more Delaware companies bid on the contracts.
The director of small business programs at the base, Thelma
Gabrielson, says she hasn't heard about the potential cluster. And
she says the pie is getting smaller -- money for contracts is being
used for the war effort.


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