Korey Wise of the Exonerated Five to speak at UMES during Black History Month

Eldest Exoneree whose story is told in Netflix’s “When They See Us” to speak on February 20

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The El Paso Zoo will name a cockroach after someone's ex, and feed it to a meerkat, a primate or a bird. Last year, scorned lovers submitted 6,000 names.

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Local governments across the United States could perform a simple upgrade to strengthen voters' confidence that they are what they say they are: use websites that end in .gov.

Federal officials control the keys to the ".gov" top-level domain, making it less likely that somebody could get one fraudulently and use it to fool people.

Domains that end in .com or .org, meanwhile, could be set up by attackers to try to intercept users seeking information from real sources.

With Trump's legal team resting its defense of the president, the impeachment trial now moves to its next phase: asking written questions.

Over 16 hours, senators of both parties will submit questions to House managers prosecuting the case and Trump's defense lawyers, with Chief Justice John Roberts, who is presiding over the trial, reading the questions aloud on the floor of the chamber.

In Iowa, voters expect candidates to come to them. Homes, churches and schools serve as intimate venues for presidential hopefuls to meet and greet with folks who could have an impact on the momentum of their campaigns.

"We expect to shake their hands, we expect to look them in the eye, we expect to be able to ask them the questions we care about," says Rachel Paine Caufield, a political science professor at Drake University in Des Moines.

Officials in Florida are considering legislation aimed at curbing the high number of deaths on the tracks of a new passenger rail line. Brightline is a privately owned rail service operating trains between Miami and West Palm Beach. In its first two years, more than 40 people have been killed by Brightline trains on tracks and at rail crossings, earning it a designation as the nation's deadliest railroad.


DHCA Offers Special Events During AA History Month

Jan 27, 2020

DOVER, Del.—During the month of February 2020, the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs will be offering 14 special events at sites across the state. Eight of these events will be presented in commemoration of African American History Month, an annual observance celebrating the invaluable contributions that the black community has made to the culture and history of the United States. A full schedule is included below. Except where noted, all programs are free and open to the public.

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